Makers van de lekkerste kaasspecialiteiten

About Hooidammer

Hooidammer is the thoroughly ‘green’ cheese by Henri Willig, because this cheese is produced from milk originating from organic and biodynamic dairy farms. That means that no artificial additives and preservatives are used in the production process – you make a conscious choice for sustainably made cow, sheep or goat cheese that is extremely delicious to boot.

The Hooidammer class is endorsed by various quality institutes. Hooidammer is an EKO SKAL certified brand, for instance, which guarantees a true organic product. Our brand also has a Demeter quality mark, for which strict guidelines regarding environment, nature development and animal welfare have to be adhered to. In addition, Hooidammer has the Vegetarian Quality Mark to guarantee that the cheese has been made without any animal constituents. 

Our product range

Hooidammer cheese is available in a variety of types and flavours.
Be surprised by what is on offer and taste it for yourself.